Case Studies In Computer Science

"Somebody has to do the hard jobs."
- Mark Weaver in The Wreck of the Phosploion

Computing is an Experimental Science.
- James M. Waclawik

I revert to the doctrinal methods of the thirteenth century,
inspired by the general hope of getting something done.
- G. K. Chesterton, Heretics CW1:46

This series of monographs is my attempt to enrich your own personal collection of previously solved problems - which is, in the end, the only "problem-solving skill" worthy of the name.

The "monograph" format is not the one usually expected in the modern academic world. People expect journal articles, or perhaps FACEBOOK postings. However, the monograph is a traditional approach to exotic topics for many disciplines: even Sherlock Holmes said (in The Sign of the Four) he was "guilty of several monographs." Besides, it is gratifying to explore such fascinating topics by this means, thereby aiding in the advance of Science writ large, and in the pursuit of Wisdom.

The series consists of the following titles:

0. The Problem with "Problem-Solving Skills"
1. [planned] Free the Monoid! (or, Wildcards, Signatures and other String Stuff)
2. [planned] Out, Damned Spot! (or, How the Pope Helped with Local Ad Insertion)
3. [planned] Sometimes... (or, CNC Punch Press Optimization and Related Problems)

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